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Newest page: Hellcephira is officially discontinued
8.8.2020, 22:56

Hellcephira is officially discontinued

New site address
27.10.2019, 9:20

Hello everyone!
Soon Hellcephira will move to a new address - hellcephira.com! The comic will get also new site look... Why? - You may ask - I'm planning to refresh my comic pages to be much bigger and have a new kind of backgrounds. The first chapter will be totally redrawn later in the future because it's the only chapter that is almost entirely broken in terms of files, but I will draw these pages in breaks between regular pages and upload them all at once when I'm done. Those who can't wait to see my progress can get themselves a patreon access and see all refreshed pages in advance. I hope this new amount of energy will bring joy to you and to me, see you soon!

11.8.2019, 11:19

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that the new site template is almost done. But why do you need a new template? This one is good - you will say. Well, I'm planning to gradually enlarge my comic pages. I decided that increasing the size of pages will help you get more immersed in the comic (as you will see everything much better). The first chapter will be enlarged when I finish redrawing it, it's the only chapter that was almost entirely drawn in 600x900 resolution so I can't work with it. The last two chapters are just going to have backgrounds replaced so they will be enlarged much quicker. I'm not sure about chapters 2 and 3 (3 in particular since the art there is a bit bad in my eyes), but I could enlarge them easily as well. The comic will be off hiatus soon, thanks for bearing with me.

4.8.2019, 11:03

Hellcephira is on hiatus and I'm not sure when I will be back as I still experience a major crisis regarding my comic. The only thing that keeps me in it for now is drawing backgrounds for old pages, so once I'm back I will refresh it a bit. If you are interested in knowing about my progress you can join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/zjru4EY

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