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14.11.2018, 12:00


Navigation fix
10.11.2018, 10:50

I'm happy to announce that I modified the site menu a bit to make it easier to move around. I also fixed a terribly trivial  error that caused my custom font to flicker every time you reloaded the page. 
Ps. I looked like Luciferimus in this picture when I found out what caused my font to flicker so I thought this picture fits perfectly, hahahaha.


Cbr files
7.10.2018, 15:44

Today I added downloadable .cbr files so that you can read completed chapters directly on your device!
All you need is a program that will let read you read .cbr files. You can download the chapters from the Extras page.
Only full chapters are going to be downloadable.


Push notifications discontinued
4.10.2018, 10:46

The push notification system that was implemented to this site doesn't serve its purpose therefore it's now discontinued. If you are still interested in receiving notifications about new comic pages, feel free to follow the comic on Comicfury, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Discord.


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