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Holiday Decorations
posted by Ypsilenna @ 24.12.2018, 0:47

Hello, my dear readers!
Today is Christmas Eve, so I wanted to decorate my website a bit. I didn't put anything typical like a Christmas tree because *obviously* Jesus was not born on planet Hellcephira, so they can't technically have Christmas. I always try to keep the site canon, so my characters will only celebrate holidays that would naturally appear in their world. But snow is everywhere, even on Hellcephira! Snow reminds them of mountains, warm sweaters and about... the most important holiday of the planet! I don't think i will be able to organize the corresponding event this year (Not enough participants), but maybe next year I will run it!

The most important holiday of Hellcephira is...

Night of the Rainbow Clouds!

Every Hellcephiran knows that at the very beginning planet Hellcephira was not inhabited by any kind of human beings. With appearance of the first Hellcephiran travelers, the planet started to run low on energy required for it to survive. Wise leaders of the kingdom found a solution for that! They built a machine that let them re-incarnate as inhabitants of lesser planets and collect the energy there just to carry it back to Hellcephira after their avatar dies. 

Night of the Rainbow Clouds festival occurs by the end of December and it's a very happy time for all people of Hellcephira! Every year the planet throws the leftovers of collected energy up in the air forming colorful clouds on the sky. The festival lasts for two days. The first day people either organize their own private parties or get an invitation to the King's ball! Hellcephiran revelers leave the party exactly at midnight to start the day two celebrations - the Market of Clouds. The streets are crowded with small stalls filled with holiday themed food, souvenirs and lights! Street musicians play classic national music of Hellcephira and grifodon trainers offer rides to everyone. When the first sun rays appear it's time for the final activity of the night - they release a pack of Tzivs - small flying creatures feeding on raw energy! They consume the colorful clouds and start glowing, then they fly away.

An adult Tziv

My idea for an event would be that I would make some related backgrounds for my readers and they would drawn their own OCs created for this event (Hellcephiran ofc, according to the race article featured on my website) on top of them. They all would be added to a special even gallery, and I would pick some characters that would later appear in the background on some pages along with the link to the people who made them).

Perhaps we will be able to make it the next year, for now... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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