Hellcephira's main website has moved to hellcephira.com This site will be kept and updated as a mirror.

New site address
posted by Ypsilenna @ 27.10.2019, 9:20

Hello everyone!
Soon Hellcephira will move to a new address - hellcephira.com! The comic will get also new site look... Why? - You may ask - I'm planning to refresh my comic pages to be much bigger and have a new kind of backgrounds. The first chapter will be totally redrawn later in the future because it's the only chapter that is almost entirely broken in terms of files, but I will draw these pages in breaks between regular pages and upload them all at once when I'm done. Those who can't wait to see my progress can get themselves a patreon access and see all refreshed pages in advance. I hope this new amount of energy will bring joy to you and to me, see you soon!


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