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New Chapter
posted by Ypsilenna @ 13.12.2017, 11:00

Today is the day when chapter 002 closes! Next week you will see the start of chapter 003. I'm already done with thumbnailing and I did some designing too, now I'm drawing new pages. I'm quite excited for this new chapter even though it's a bit dialogue heavy. Right after it there is going to be a chapter with combat and it's not going to have that many dialogues, I'm happy about that one too. Maybe I should add some progress materials here as well. I will start with this concept art of I did two days ago:

This is the place where Luciferimus lives. The red banner is a flag of Hellcephira.
Concept art will also be uploaded to the official art gallery.

Going back to the subject of the new chapter: chapter number 3 will be called The reunion and it's going to follow the story of Prince Luciferimus and Riamidea (Whom you could see in the first chapter). It sets the ground for chapter number 4 (probably called The trial, but it's not certain yet). I'm not sure when I will go back to the plot of the Great Council of Kreyilon's task yet. If you liked that plot you can also ask me some questions about it or something, but it's a secondary plot, the other one has greater priority.

Prologue retirement
posted by Ypsilenna @ 4.12.2017, 19:08

I wrote a new reader's guide and I moved the prologue to deleted scenes in the process. Now the comic starts from the cover of chapter 1 and the new reader's guide takes the place of the prologue. In case if you still want to read the prologue, it's here.
I was about to do it a bit later, but I decided to move it today. The poll from my previous post is now closed, thanks for participating.

Prologue chat
posted by Ypsilenna @ 30.11.2017, 15:09

Hello, dear friends!
There are some things I would like to talk over. Yesterday I started to think about the prologue and there are some changes I would like to make. Of course I could just do them, but I want you to tell me what you personally would prefer.  Okay, so let me start:
Some of you might know that this current comic is one of many reboots and it's the only successful version. I started this comic way too early and I went through many hardships trying to make it. The way the prologue looks now was more like a draft so that i can sketch the basic concept for you to know what is going on. The thing is, the second chapter is about to end very soon and it opens the plot called "The tale of Parent Time" where the backstory of their world is going to be shown. It's a secondary plot that does connect with the primary plot but it has lower priority and will be used as an intermission between parts of the main story (to connect with it by the end of the comic).
Since the backstory is going to be displayed better in the secondary plot, the prologue becomes obsolete. It was already optional, but now I'm considering dropping it. I was thinking of putting a small text guide for newcomers somewhere instead of it. Of course I won't delete it forever, it will still be accessible is a separate place containing deleted scenes (I considered making a new website for it but i may as well just make a gallery for it).
The prologue matches the actual comic way less than I thought it will. The art sticks out, breaking the fourth wall might have not been a good choice and generally it feels a bit off to me. I know some people who actually liked that part of the comic, but i also know that some people may find it mismatched and unnecessary so feel free to suggest which way to go.

Hellcephira Wiki
posted by Ypsilenna @ 18.11.2017, 15:15

This month I made a dedicated wiki for this comic. Beware, there may be minor spoilers out there.

posted by Ypsilenna @ 8.11.2017, 12:21

The comic is officially updated again. You can read more in the description of the newest page.

Push notifications
posted by Ypsilenna @ 23.10.2017, 17:22

Hi all! Today I added push notifications to my website! I will use it to notify my readers about new pages and blog entries. I hope you will find this useful :D
If you find it too spammy or annoying you can always disable it through the icon visible in bottom right corner.

Alternatively you can use RSS feed as you always could (thought I can't include blog entries there due to ComicFury not using this option) for less popup-y notifications.

posted by Ypsilenna @ 22.10.2017, 11:06

The free Project Wonderful ad box I offered has been disabled by them due to low website performance during hiatus months. I won't re-enable it just yet. I might do so when I'm fully back and the website gets traffic again. 

[EDIT]: I did some tinkering around the website and it seems it's already 100% completed. Feel free to contact me in case if you find any issues or simply want to suggest something!

New website layout
posted by Ypsilenna @ 15.10.2017, 17:20

The new website layout is almost ready (98% kind of ready).
I just need to do some small tweaks but more or less it's what I wanted to achieve. I'm planning to start updating the comic again around halloween, stay tuned :)


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