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posted by Ypsilenna @ 15.9.2017, 17:12

Hi everyone.
I'm gradually starting to feel better. I think I might start coding the revamped site layout before I continue to progress with the story though.
I've just been inspired by the chat I had with my friends and the new website layout is going to be something like a mixture of MMO website and probably a space atlas (I still have to think about that).
I got excited about crafting a new template, I can't wait to write so many things about the comic, character classes and the world. 
Feel free to leave suggestions below!

posted by Ypsilenna @ 10.8.2017, 0:01

Guys, I'm turning the delay into a small hiatus. I need to get well.

Small delay
posted by Ypsilenna @ 2.8.2017, 19:28

Hi guys, the comic will be delayed a bit, I had some things to do and I'm still in the middle of finishing the page. I will upload it as soon as I can.

Twitter update
posted by Ypsilenna @ 19.7.2017, 13:31

Short hiatus
posted by Ypsilenna @ 28.6.2017, 19:55

Hellcephira is going to be on an approximately one month hiatus due to my trip. I'm leaving tomorrow evening and I will have to spend whole night waiting for my plane so I will be drawing and posting hellcephira sketches from the road.
Meanwhile check out my giveaway  and stay tuned! 

Twitter update
posted by Ypsilenna @ 28.6.2017, 11:44

Twitter poll
posted by Ypsilenna @ 17.6.2017, 9:59

posted by Ypsilenna @ 15.6.2017, 0:33

This week's comic page will be delayed a bit, sorry. Thank you for waiting.

I really need some vacations it seems ._.


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