Hellcephira's main website has moved to hellcephira.com This site will be kept and updated as a mirror.

New commenting system
posted by Ypsilenna @ 9.6.2017, 18:20

I've just finished implementing the new comment system.  

In order to use it, you can log in with: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Tumblr and just post. You can comment under comic pages AND blog posts (which was previously impossible due to Comifury not believeing in blog comments).

Feel free to check it out and tell me if something is wrong. Enjoy.

Hellcephira on Webtoons
posted by Ypsilenna @ 23.5.2017, 17:04

Hello all! 
As some of us might know, before I rebooted the comic it had a mirror on Webtoons.  After the official re-launch of Hellcephira I didn't add it back there... until now! Today is the day when this comic comes back to Webtoons. Feel free to check it out and maybe subscribe if you use that site. 


See you all there! :)

Twitter update
posted by Ypsilenna @ 28.4.2017, 13:27

Mirror sites
posted by Ypsilenna @ 31.3.2017, 11:17

Hello everybody!
Today I would like to talk about mirror websites. Some of you might not know (mostly those who didn't see the LINKS page), but Hellcephira is present in many places of the internet. I prioritize this website since it's the main one.

There are two mirror pages too. One on tapastic and one on smackjeeves.

I can't complain about the smackjeeves mirror but I'm considering discontinuing the tapastic one. I don't really like tapastic and it seems to not like me back. 

Another mirror I'm going to discontinue is the tumblr version of the comic. It seems to serve literally no purpose.

Other than that, everything stays the way it was before. You can still find Hellcephira here:


Have a nice day.

posted by Ypsilenna @ 1.3.2017, 18:36

Due to big problems with my computer, Hellcephira is going to be updated later this week. Sorry.

Twitter update
posted by Ypsilenna @ 29.1.2017, 11:18

New years tidying
posted by Ypsilenna @ 5.1.2017, 8:51

Hello guys!
I've been trying to do some tidying in my comic. Long story short,
Hellcephira is getting a new official update schedule.
From the next week on, the comic is going to be updated once per week on Wednesday.
If there is going to be a chapter cover uploaded then it's not going to be counted as a comic
page and a new comic piece is going to be added alongside of it. 
Previously I didn't have any schedule because I've been trying to find a nice day to upload new comic page on.
It didn't really work like that because if I don't have a date I mostly get distracted by everything else I have to
do/ having some health issues maybe and I wake up not updating for three months (which as you can guess
makes me feel pretty bad). In order to avoid missing a deadline, I'm going to draw pages in advance and just
set them to upload itself here on Wednesday. 

If you have something to tell me, or generally any thoughts to share, feel free to use one of the following:
Comicfury comments, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email.


New artwork
posted by Ypsilenna @ 7.12.2016, 18:16

You can see the the new artwork in this section: CLICK ME


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