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Changes and stuff
posted by Ypsilenna @ 28.6.2015, 14:39

We're officially moving to Comicfury's hosting. That's not the only change though. I decided that I'll revamp this comic. Why? Here's my previous post I put on my new tapastic webcomic page:
"After a long time of thinking I decided to re-make this comic once again. I liked previous version a lot... at the beginning. I don't like it that much anymore, it feels like it's getting worse and worse with every new page. The first episode of comic's current version is as I said a prologue. I wanted to draw it as a story told by one of my characters but this part is killing me. For two days I was about to stop this project but then I had an idea. After getting inspired by one of my fav webcomics I designed a cartoonish style I really like. I kept it for another several days and now I'm sure. It's now offcial - this webcomic is going to be revamped. The story will stay as it was supposed to be, I'll just skip the beginning a little (I'll draw a short episode featuring Riamidea where she will explain it all so you can finally read the right story instead of not-so-good prologue).I hope you will enjoy this project." 


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