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Comic revamp
posted by Ypsilenna @ 1.4.2019, 17:36

The new month starts and I think the time has come to share my decision with you. It was not easy and it took a lot of planning, but I think we all will agree that it's for the better.
This comic is going to be revamped.

What is going to be changed?

Well, I spent countless evenings thinking about it and now I'm sure what exactly is going to be changed...

...The entire cast is going to be genderbent! Yeah, the entire story is going to remain as it is now, but every character now has changed gender!
You can see some concept art below:

Queen Beelzeberia

Princess Luciferima


But what about Riamidea you might ask? Don't worry Riamidea fans, I've got you covered!
Look at this sweet concept art of the new Riamidea!


Happy April! ;)



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