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Chapter: 004 Page: 016
26.12.2018, 23:10


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Riamidea Trial Guard


TL;DR version below.


The ability Riamidea used here is called Spirit Wings.

This ability is one of the things that separate Hellcephiran people from normal humans. Every person of this race is potentially able to summon one to three pairs of wings depending on the level of energy they can wield. The first pair own wings is obtainable by people who already reached maturity and completed their spiritual training. The wings have levels that indicate how powerful they are.

1 pair - Basic level. Many Hellcephiran people don't go above this level.
2 pairs - Intermediate level. Mildly hard to achieve. Mostly represented by well trained people.
3 pairs - Maximum level. Mostly represented by zealots who focus on their spiritual training really hard.

About Spirit Wings
The wings can't be used for flight. They are mostly used for gliding, enhancing the length of leaps or scaring an opponent.

Spirit Wings and Lightbearers
There is one important thing about the wings. They temporarily lock the caster's ability of using their energy for anything else than keeping them up. That means that a common, powerless person won't suffer much from this trade, but a Lightbearer on the other hand... Unless they are sure they can win, they shouldn't use this ability. Combined with quite long recharging time and heavy energy usage it can really make or break the game to use them correctly.
To use them the way Riamidea use them, you would either have to be extremely full of yourself or extremely stupid...

...Now you will have to wait one week to find out if she used the wings correctly or not.

TL;DR: The wings are a special racial skill of Hellcephiran people, but they are dangerous to use when you are a Lightbearer. They temporarily lock your other spells and they do not even allow you to REALLY fly, shame.


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